About Us

Hello, I’m Jenn. I’ve always loved nail polish and when I discovered the world of indie polish and nail art I was blown away and admittedly, became a bit obsessed. Every week my coworkers would want to see what new nail art I had done over the weekend. After years of doing nail art I started to get frustrated by not being able to find that perfect color or finding it only to discover that it was no longer available so I set out to make my own nail polish.
After tons of research, loads of hideous nail polish experiments, and nearly a year of testing I released my first collection in September of 2016 at Polish Con in Chicago. It’s been quite a crazy ride since then but I’ve loved every minute. What’s my favorite thing about running NeVerMind? Seeing all the amazing manicures and nail art from my customers. It’s the community that makes all this worth it.