How To Easily Remove Polish (Even Glitter Polish)

How To Easily Remove Polish (Even Glitter Polish)
I use acetone to remove my polish but you can use whatever nail polish remover you prefer.

1. Unravel a cotton ball. Cotton balls are spun like cotton candy and will have a free edge that can be unraveled, giving you a little sheet of cotton fluff.
2. Tear the unraveled cotton into strips that are a bit larger than your nails. Depending on your nail length you should be able to make about 4-5 strips.
3. If you use remover straight out of the bottle fill the cap and dip the end of a cotton strip into the remover. If you use a nail polish remover dispenser/pump (I highly recommend them!) use a pump or 2 to saturate the cotton strip. Don’t go overboard, you don’t want it to be dripping.
4. Place the strip over your nail and gentle press it into place, you want it to make contact with your polish but you don’t want to squeeze out all that remover.
5. Repeat on all the nails on one hand. (You can try to do both hands at once if you want but I find it near impossible, but I don’t know, maybe you’re a wizard. In which case, why are you doing your manicures the muggle way? I’m sure there’s a spell for it).
6. Leave the strips on for a minute or two.
7. Remove the strips by applying pressure to your nail starting at the cuticle edge and rubbing the cotton strip toward your free edge, it helps to rock it from side to side a little as you move down the length of your nail. This should get most, if not all, of the polish off and prevent the polish, that is on now on the cotton strip, from staining your finger.
8. If you have any polish left on your nail you can repeat this procedure or just clean it up by rubbing a remover soaked cotton ball over the stubborn areas.

* If you have a very glitter heavy polish or applied your glitter with the makeup sponge method it may be a little more difficult to remove. Using the same method above (double up on cotton strips by using 2 or more per nail) wrap your fingertips with foil after placing the cotton strips on your nails and let it sit for about 10 minutes before moving onto step 7. (Personally, I've never had to leave it on THAT long, even for manis that are layers and layers of glitter bomb polish.)