How To Use Nail Vinyls

How to use Nail Vinyls
Using tweezers to handle the vinyls can make application easier.

1. Apply top coat over nail polish or bare nails, allow to fully dry. (THIS STEP IS VERY IMPORTANT TO SUCCESSFUL APPLICATION)
2. Carefully remove stencil from backing.
* If any pieces stick to the stencil they can be removed by gently pressing the stencil to the back of the stencil sheet.
3. Place vinyl on nail and press down to smooth & remove any gaps so polish doesn’t leak underneath.
4. Apply polish over the vinyl.
5. While your polish is still wet, carefully remove the vinyl.
6. Apply polish to completely dry before applying a top coat to avoid smudging.

BONUS!! The pieces left on the backing after the stencil has been removed can be used for nail art too! Press a piece of tape to the pieces you want to apply to your nail to lift them from the backing. Firmly press the decals and tape onto your nail and slowly lift the tape. Apply top coat.


Remove the same way you would regular polish.